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Erika and Janis

When I was already sick of all the standard phrases and smileys, Janis wrote in his first letter that he would paint me frost flowers on a window pane. We started to write and to call each other, and soon we met in person. It was a cold and snowy February night. Since then we’ve been inseparable and now we’re married.


It was fun! When I went on the date I was sure that I would meet yet another idiot. But, as soon as I saw him, the butterflies in my stomach broke free! :D In front of me stood a tall, gallant, clean and handsome Latvian guy! I knew that he was what I wanted! I would never have believed that it was possible to meet a nice guy on the internet, let alone one to start a family with!

Diana and Edgars

Both of us registered on just out of boredom. Diana noticed me because of my beard, whereas what caught my eye was her green dress. Some chitchat and jokes, and we started to write to each other, soon we switched to SMS and long telephone calls, and after a few weeks we decided to meet in person. We also want to thank, because without it we probably wouldn’t have found our happiness.

Inga and Guntis

We met each other on in April 2010. He was in England at the time. I took a flight to visit him, we fell in love and my little son and I moved to England to live with him. We got married in England, but now we’re back in Latvia. And I have to thank you,, that we met each other and for our great love!!! We are a very happy, harmonious and faithful couple. Thank you!

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